it365 Excel Tables Merge Tool

Release Notes

  1. 2.0.0

    • New feature: it365 Excel Tables Merge Tool supports sorting by file name, manual sorting, and sorting in the order you want when merging table files.
    • Manual sorting can be sorted according to your own needs, you can move the order of Excel files at will, 1 digit, 10 digits forward, or 1 digit, 10 digits backward, quickly sort in the way you want, custom sort, arbitrary Sorting is not a problem.
    • Excel merges worksheets in order and customizes them in a custom order, which can also be simple and fast.
    • Support multiple table files to be merged into CSV text files (CSV: Comma Separated Values). If you want to convert Excel tables to text files in batches, this program can also be completed.
  2. 1.0.0

    • it365 Excel Tables Merge Tool was officially launched, specifically to solve the problem of Excel spreadsheet merge.
    • Can quickly merge xlsx table files, multiple sheet worksheets quickly synthesize a table, simple and easy to use.
    • It can be used on Android phones, Apple phones, and computers, allowing mobile phones to quickly merge Excel spreadsheets.