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  • store2

    Open source project home page:
    store2 is a good wrapper around HTML5's localStorage and sessionStorage program interfaces. The storage and reading of data will automatically convert the type (there is no automatic conversion type, you need to write your own code to do JSON.parse/stringify conversion), and support the local storage namespace, which is also a very good feature.
  • clipboard.js

    Open source project home page:
    Clipboard.js provides a simple and convenient copy function, which is achieved by using one-click copy of the button.
  • Vant

    Open source project home page:
    Vant provides a number of basic UI components, such as buttons, pop-up dialogs, Toast light tips, and more, speeding up program development.
  • Vue.js

    Open source project home page:
    Vue.js provides a simple and fast way to develop web applications. The data development interface, two-way binding and other functions make the program development experience very smooth.
  • Nuxt.js

    Open source project home page:
    Nuxt.js provides SSR server rendering, page statics, and more for Vue.js programs. The SPA single-page web application developed by Vue.js, Google and other search engines are difficult to analyze the page content. Nuxt.js solves this pain point. After the page is rendered, it is very convenient to search the spider index text content.