JS Anywhere

JS Anywhere is a JavaScript programming tool developed by the it365 team that allows mobile phones and iPads to program and run programs anytime, anywhere.
// Comment: What is the 10th power of 2? Math.pow(2, 10); // Click the Run button below to see the results of the operation // Try it~
Tip: Click the gray gear button on the page to close the running result interface and return to the previous code writing interface.

Release Notes

  1. 1.2.0

    • The code editor of JS Anywhere supports operations such as undoing, restoring, and copying code, which solves the pain of rewriting and restoring the code on the mobile phone.
    • JS Anywhere has a new selection button. In order to facilitate the user to select all the code, delete the code.
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  3. 1.0.0

    • JS Anywhere is officially launched, and the goal is to make a simple and easy-to-use mobile-side javascript programming development tool.
    • JS Anywhere supports writing code, running code, displaying program error messages, debugging code, viewing AJAX web requests, viewing/clearing HTML5 local storage, viewing/clearing website cookies, viewing/debugging CSS styles, and more.
    • JS Anywhere currently supports code for the javascript programming language.
    • JS Anywhere supports programming development on mobile phones, allowing iPhones and Android phones to write code anytime, anywhere.
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Thank You

Thank You
This program is developed from the beginning to the end, from scratch, and can not be separated from everyone who is enthusiastic.
This program uses some open source software in addition to the code written by the team. Thanks to the programmers who contributed to open source, thanks to the selfless dedication programmers who open their own code and contribute to the whole society and become all human beings. Common resources that can be used.
Sincerely thank you.