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CSV Comma Separated Value File Converted to Excel Table (xlsx), CSV to TXT Text, supports batch conversion of CSV files. Simple and easy to use!
1. Multiple files can be selected at one time, batch conversion.
2. No need to worry about data leakage, your files will not be uploaded to the server. This program uses browser HTML5 technology to achieve data conversion. If you are still concerned about data breaches, you can go offline and use it offline.

What can it365 CSV Converter do?

  • You can convert a file in csv format to an Excel table (.xlsx).
  • You can convert a csv file to a TXT.
  • It is possible to convert multiple csv files into form files at one time and convert csv files in batches. It is very convenient for converting a large number of csv files, and the speed is also very fast.
  • Automatically detect the encoding of csv files, solve the problem of csv file opening garbled, can be used as a universal decoder (applicable to various text files, such as: txt/csv/xml/html/php, etc.).

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CSV Comma Separated Value File <strong>Converted to Excel Table</strong> (xlsx), <strong>CSV to TXT Text</strong>, supports batch conversion of CSV files. Simple and easy to use!
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Release Notes

  1. 1.1.0

    • New function: Support batch operation, select multiple CSV files at a time, click the package download button, you can complete the CSV batch conversion. After downloading the zip file, the decompression is all the excel table files.
    • Batch conversion of CSV files into Excel and WPS forms has become so convenient and fast.
  2. 1.0.0

    • it365 CSV Converter is officially online.
    • The CSV file conversion Excel spreadsheet has become simple and convenient.
    • it365 CSV Converter can quickly convert CSV files of hundreds of thousands of rows of data into Excel spreadsheet files.
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